Topola – Odlazak / Discedo


Airdrop Records is glad to introduce Topola, the latest intrigue from Croatian musician Mirna Stanic. Originating from the town of Sibenik, on the glistening Adriatic coast, Mirna currently dwells in the earthy Berlin boroughs.

A classically trained guitarist, Mirna left her home to land in Brighton in 2008 where she started her band Minor Sounds. Her album ‘The Humming’ came out in 2012 and was published by Fat Cat Records and received the praises of BBC 6 Music, amongst other news outlet in the UK and the US.

Since she moved to Berlin a year ago, Topola is the place where she develops a new dimension to her deep music, slowly folding in subtle electronic artefacts into the dignified song-writings she is known for. ‘Odlazak / Discedo’ is a sentimental prologue sung in her native Croatian idiom, heralding an EP to be released in the fall 2015.

Video: Odlazak / Discedo
Topola on Soundcloud
Minor Sounds on Bandcamp

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