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AirPod Nº11 – Connie’s Horny Music

Since Connie‘s last episode on AirDrop’s Podcast last March (AirPod Nº5 Connie – Matte on the Beach), the girl has been rocking many dancefloors worldwide. Well, first she came to get it down in Buenos Aires, where in the space of three days she played in three major spots “de la escena porteña”, with Fase […]

Ivan in NYC

When talking about the roots of the electronic scene in France, few names come to mind. Ivan Smagghe is one of them, Laurent Garnier, Ark, Aurora Borealis, Jennifer Cardini, I:Cube & Gilb’r are some others. Smagghe has always been THE character though, working for Rough Trade, Paris’ most influential record stores in the day. In […]