Since Connie‘s last episode on AirDrop’s Podcast last March (AirPod Nº5 Connie – Matte on the Beach), the girl has been rocking many dancefloors worldwide. Well, first she came to get it down in Buenos Aires, where in the space of three days she played in three major spots “de la escena porteña”, with Fase Miusic Sender, Sr. Replicante and Nico Purman at our Extracto party!

After Argentina, its in Canada that Connie went to lay down some beats in June on the occasion of the fabulous Piknic Electronik. Each year the Picnik, invites an amazing line up of artists to play on the week ends and in the warm summer open air. This year already featured appearances by Zip, Guillaume Coutu Dumont, Sety, Mathias Kaden, Thomas Melchior, Josh Wink, Loco Dice, Mathew Jonson and of course Connie!

(Be on the look out, as Piknic goes on til the 28th of September with more goodness coming up – Jennifer Cardini, Pig & Dan, Tony Rohr… – and concludes on a huge fest with the man himself, Claude VonStroke and and and…. Kevin Saunderson !)

In the middle of all her travels, Connie even finds some time to satisfy her NYC home public, like a couple days ago when she opened for Holger Zilske… But no wait ! No time ! She has to leave to Greece to play with Jeremy P. Caulfield, Miss Fitz and K.atou as part of her reSolute residency with Elon… Well I think we all got it by now, Connie is a busy busy lady ! In this edition of AirPod, she gives us a mix entitled Horny Music: an hour of the weird-sounds-filled, jumpy and funky mini-tech that only she has the secret. The mix is full of unreleased gems, some which apparently, might never see the light (such as the opening Alka_Rex track)… Enjoy!

Oh oh oh ! Wait ! I nearly forgot the most important !! We are honored, privileged, walking on air, on a high (…) to officially announce that Connie’s first production will be released as part of the new volume of our Extraction compilation series ! KEEP OUT, all I am allowed to say, is that this ish BURNS!


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When talking about the roots of the electronic scene in France, few names come to mind. Ivan Smagghe is one of them, Laurent Garnier, Ark, Aurora Borealis, Jennifer Cardini, I:Cube & Gilb’r are some others.

Smagghe has always been THE character though, working for Rough Trade, Paris’ most influential record stores in the day. In 1997, Ivan was a founding member of Black Strobe with Arnaud Rebotini and also producing remixes under Volga Select with fellow Marc Collin.
Here is a snipet of Volga Select’s remix of Black Strobe’s 2000 Hit, Innerstrings.
Both entities to which Ivan belongs to!

Black Strobe – Innerstrings (Volga Select Double Dub) – Output 037 – 2000

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Ivan worked at the highly respected Radio Nova, where he hosted the show “TEST”. Out of which came out four eponymous compilation, each one more excellent than the other. More recently we can distinguish two incredible DJ mixes: his Fabric apparition, N˚23, and the Suck My Deck on Bugged Out!, which was followed by Damian Lazarus‘ edition (yes, I keep saying it to everyone, they are my two favourite DJs on this planet !!)

At night and for many years, the place to see him play, as it remained his longest running residence, was the Parisian lesbian club, the PULP, which closed about a year ago. Nowadays, Ivan moved to London… But but but! He is coming for a very special and rare night in NYC! It will happen at Love and it’s organised by the BLK Market Crew (Maximum Respect). This will be Thursday June 12th. I don’t care if you guys have to miss out work on Friday, call in sick, or stumble your way to the office, this is a NO MISS.

To warm you up, why dont you click your way to, a french blog we like a lot and download Ivan Smagghe’s recording of his last set at the Rex, Paris’ legendary club, on April 24th. Its Raw and Dope, as usual. Also be on the look out for Ivan’s new remix of Simon Baker‘s “X, Y & Z” track on Leftroom, its amazing and sounds like children jumping from the orphanage’s roof. He did the remix with Mark Ashken and Matt Tolfrey. Here is a preview:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

See you at Love!