Sonnenstadt – The Remixes

Sonnen Remixes

‘Rising Tides’ comes accompanied with prestigious contributions by Afrikan Sciences, Benny Tones, as well as an anonymous duo…

From the great Deepblak and PAN labels, New York based producer Afrikan Sciences embraces the contemplative atmosphere surrounding ‘Rising Tides’, letting his wizardry run its aural magic throughout.

The ‘Million Lights’ remix subsumes the title’s original mood, anchoring its howling pads to serious low-ends.

Long-time Airdrop favorite, New Zealander Benny Tones is better known for his ‘Chrysalis’ album on BBE and undercover work for modern soul band Electric Wire Hustle. Benny works up his unique formula for an elegiac and rhythmic version of ‘Poem At The Shores’.

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