AD 011 – Soul Clap – The Definition EP (w/ Till Von Sein Remix)

ad011 arts


Artist: Soul Clap
Title: The Definition EP
Format: 12”
Cat.No.: AD011
Style: House Music

VINYL RELEASE : 15th Sept. 2009
DIGITAL RELEASE : 28th Sept. 2009

A1 – Grown-N-Sexy (Original Mix)
A2 – Crazy Lady (Original Mix)
B1 – Beauty Sleep (Original Mix)
B2 – 3 Wheel E-Motion (Original Mix)



Danton Eeprom (Fondation)
Beauty Sleep – “There’s a nice old school vibe to it. Gotta love the slap bass on 3 Wheel E-Motion!”

Falko Brocksieper (Sub-Static)
Beauty Sleep – “10/10 – Very nice original and organic house tracks!”

Italoboyz (Mothership)
Beauty Sleep – “8/10 – Will play, but I could also listen at home, in the shower, while eating… Full Support!”

Konrad Black (Wagon Repair)
3 Wheel E-Motion – “My big wheel just got pimped by 3 Wheel E-Motion!”

Marc Ashken (Leftroom)
3 Wheel E-Motion – “Will def be playin 3 wheel e motion, cheers gents!”

Chris Carrier (Adult Only)
Grown-N-Sexy (Original Mix) – “8/10 – Play!”

Danny Tenaglia
Beauty Sleep – “7/10 – Thanks!”

Jozif (Fondation)
3 Wheel E-Motion – “Nice stuff from the Soul Clap guys, loved the stuff on Wolf+Lamb, this is right up there as well! Full support for sure! 3 Wheel E Motion is awesome!”

Kate Simko (Spectral)
Beauty Sleep – “9/10 – All cuts are fresh but Beauty Sleep is my fave, in the box!”

K.atou (Lomidhigh)
Grown-N-Sexy – “9/10 – Soul Clap are on fire! The music they have been delivering is the fresh I have been waiting for! Beautiful release!”

Oliver (Mental Groove)
3 Wheel E-Motion – “10/10 – I wish I would be able to have a stadium dancing all night long on this type on grooves!”

Tim Green (Trapez)
3 Wheel E-Motion – “8/10 – 3 Wheel E-Motion is great! Always partial to a bit of slap bass!! Cool stuff !!”

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re introducing you, in this very precise moment, to a world novelty: the info sheet without words. Why? Because we’re left speechless: this record is just so “wooow” it hurts to close the gap. It’s like it says on the tin of clichés: “THE DEFINITION” is giving you a concise description of where SOUL CLAP, the humorous Boston-based house duo, is heading. Well, not quite: more where they have arrived, actually. They have found their style. Eleven out of ten! This is light years away from the sick “Puppy Crack” anthem that left you with wobbly legs. Get ready to be completely overwhelmed as the sassy producers beamed themselves into futuristic groove heavens while staying firmly grounded on the proto 90’s floor. Right on!

Now, “THE DEFINITION”: Deep, funky, percussion tinged sways that do not shy away from being completely trippy although they are as tight as the bar boy’s fish nets and sexy get spiced up. Talking about sexy: it can’t get any nicer than being “GROWN-N-SEXY”! A slippy funk guitar lick and easy listening freestyle piano keys drift into eternity while sweet female voices murmur the listener into ecstasy. The filtered trumpet that happily plays away while hard hitting filter house beats pump the dancers onto the next level are just out of this world.

This is the moment the “CRAZY LADY” enters the floor. While she captures all of our attention with her freaky moves, we cannot help but being completely taken by her style. Seductive percussions and sweepy filters plus an ultra night-style organ create the deep atmosphere that enchants with strutty beats and a druggily cinematic voice sample – time to use your imagination from which scene it’s borrowed.

Time to get your “BEAUTY SLEEP”: only to emerge fresher and funkier than ever. Cheeky, styled up voices whisper while the slinky beats and jazzy organ chords grips your soul and drives you relentless around the groovy bend behind which lurks filter heaven. Lovely! With “3 WHEEL E-MOTION” the record spins into yet another peak moment. Deep whispered voices warp the background into psychic tapestry while the wheely breaks, funked up to the max by a phat bass guitar lick; grind the body into dancing position. Get active with that!

It’s a pleasure to sum up this release: freestyling through the various styles of house while keeping the sounds extremely organic and highly electronic at the same time. Contemporary and fresh, intuitively fusing into the future funk soul house of tomorrow, SOUL CLAP oozes the eloquent essence of freely perceived frequencies. Defined.