AD DIG 016 – Fritz & Lang – Crash EP w/ Maya Jane Coles & Feadz Remixes

Artist: Fritz & Lang
Title: Crash EP
Style: Deep House / Tech-House
Cat.No.: ADDIG016
Format: Digital Only
Release: 14th March 2011

1. Crash (Original Mix)
2. Crash (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
3. Make Me Feel
4. Room Music
5. The Past (Original Mix)
6. The Past (Feadz Remix)


Appleblim – “Real interesting package, love the slo mo vibes of The Past, will be dropping in my warm ups, the remixes all sound interesting too!”

dOP – “Nice songs, ..and really like Feadz remix as well!!”

Soul Clap – “Really beautiful spectrum of music all around!”

Hot Chip – “Into the Maya Jane Coles remix for sure. Support!”

DJ Yellow – “Maya is on Fire !!! Just love it!”

Trevor Jackson – “The Past original mix is very strange but very good, and the rest is fantastic!”

Kiki – “Great music! “Crash” is cool in both mixes as is “Room Music” as well, but the most points from me today go to Feadz mix!”

Joris Voorn – “Love the mood on Maya Jane Cole’s mix! Def plays from me.”

Telepopmuzik – “Crash, Maya remix & The Past Feadz remix are my fav!”>

Varoslav – “Ay ay ay! Airdrop! Keep da vibe! One of the good labels of the moment!”

Fritz & Lang is the fresh collaboration between Parisian Francois Touin and the Argentine N.E.Stofenmacher. Both protagonists met in the French capital and immediately related to each other. Next thing we know, they jumped into their improvised studio, fusing Touinʼs programming skills with Stofenmacher’s innate jamming talents.

The result? An irresistible duo performance bringing together live vocals, guitars, bass, synths and laptops. Fritz & Lang made their first public appearance this winter in Paris at La Fleche dʼOr, sharing the stage and cheers with Bruno Pronsato and Ark…

A long time ago, when vinyl records still sold by the thousands, Touin worked at the legendary shop Katapult, along with team Karat. After the store closed, he began taking care of the synth department of Parisʼ finest music store.

On his side, N.E.Stofenmacher has released his music on igloo-rec and taken part in many Argentine projects including Elephant Pixel and Monotax. Both are now based in Paris and eager to unleash their new performance to the world.

The Crash EP is Fritz & Langʼs first release, featuring four originals and two remixes. The title song features the magnetizing vocals of Russian artist Varya Pavlova aka Lisokot. Maya Jane Coles brings adds a darker degree of hypnosis with her remix.

Make Me Feel, Room Music and The Past were selected to exemplify the intricate mood infused around Fritz & Langʼs performance. Here, slow burning tempo, saturated drums, twisted sounds and N.E.Stofenmacherʼs over-sensual voice are the keys ingredients.Topping it in true EdBanger fashion, Feadz reworks The Past into a 3 minute fire warp.The Past into a 3 minute fire warp.