Artist: Martin Teysera
Title: Wide EP
Label: Herencia
Format: 12″
Cat. No: HRN 001
Release Date: Mar. 4th 2013

A. Marks
B. Wider

This year marks the launch of Herencia, Martin Teysera’s own label, enabling him to fully and freely express the various dimensions of his production.

The Wide EP cuts two titles into deep wax, “Marks” and “Wider” have been highlights of Teysera’s live set for quite some time now, finally out on vinyl.

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1980, Martin Teysera was raised in a family of musicians, directly receiving the influences of classical music, jazz and rock. Martin also went on to cross the Atlantic and moved to Valencia, Spain, as part of the duo project Monoblock, which immersed Martin in the european electronic dance scene.

Monoblock released EPs on labels of importance like Cynosure, Archipel and Airdrop, among others. In 2010, Martin Teysera decided to continue his own musical journey and moved to Berlin, Germany. Martin perpetually devellops new ideas in jazz and swing within electronic dance music. In 2011, he released a new record on Mike Shannon’s Cynosure label, which marked the beginning of his solo career and is preparing an album to come out in 2013 on Shannon’s second imprint Haunt.

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