The legendary Berlin Atonal festival returns to the capital of innovative music after a 23 year hiatus.

The history of Berlin Atonal begins in November 1982. Set up at SO36 in Kreuzberg, the Atonal festival became ground-zero for altogether new forms of musical experience; Einstürzende Neubauten, Sprung aus den Wolken, Malaria, Notorische Reflexe, Alu, White Russia, Didaktische Einheit and many other like-minded musical pioneers used Berlin Atonal to launch their entirely novel ideas about the possibilities of sonic expression.

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Now, in 2013, Berlin Atonal returns updated to a city that has itself changed. However, the spirit remains resolute: to resist the trends of the mainstream, to provide platforms for experimentation, to support those who want to break with trite and lazy habits of watching and listening.

Atonal’s new home – Kraftwerk Berlin – is a long abandoned powerplant in Berlin Mitte, a mazy industrial complex that will host 6 days of world-class musical events and large scale audio-visual installations as well as streetfood and a full catalogue of seminars, lectures, master-classes and screenings.

In these new surroundings Berlin Atonal will remain true to its tradition of promoting innovative concepts in music and art, which has become a renewed imperative in a technological age that struggles to find authentic and thus truly inventive modes of expression.

The theme for the first edition of the relaunched festival is «Forming Space», paying homage not only to the starkly majestic architecture of Atonal’s singular new home and its public re-emergence after years of abandonment, but also to that basic and vital impulse of all art, namely, the desire to give form to the void.

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