Benny Tones – Time feat. Alby Love

ADX009 - Artwork

Considered as the 4th member of New Zealand soul band Electric Wire Hustle, Benny Tones is a producer and sound / mastering engineer who also worked for many other artists such as Julien Dyne or Iva Lamkum in his Organik Muzik Workz studio.

Benny Tones now presents two new singles, « Time » and « Maybe In The Stars », two beautiful slices of electronic soul where Benny’s smooth engineered production meet the melancolic vocals of Alby Love and Raiza Biza.

His exquisite production and stunning ambient soul takes its roots in the smooth and warm Golden Bay where he grew up. German dj and producer Glenn Astro contributes to this release with a groovy remix of « Time ». Head of Money $ex Records and Glenn Astro also releases his music on Ninja Tune and Tartelet. He collaborated on this remix with his friend IMYRMiND.

“Time” releases on March 25th, 2016.

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