ADX 01 | Kent Odessa | Physical Genius EP


Kent Odessa
Physical Genius EP
Airdrop Records
Ltd. 7″ / Digital

1. Swayze
2. Slow Down, Tina
3. Slow Love
4. Can I Be Your Boyfriend?
5. Physical Genius

Airdrop is proud to release Kent Odessa‘s latest work, “Physical Genius,” produced and mixed in New York City with electronic artist/re-mixer Robert Lux, and marks Odessa’s first recorded effort outside of his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. It features appearances from electro-soul singers Tecla Esposito and Pegasus Warning, as well as live drums and samples from Kool A.D. collaborator, Kassa Overall.

Physical Genius marks a departure from Odessa’s debut, self-released album Silverdome, opting for a much more crisp and candid style of production, while still continuing his exploration of modern electronica, funk, and R & B. Odessa’s humorous yet haunting lyrical sensibility has never been more on display, painting a surreal landscape of failed ambitions, jilted ex-lovers, and ultimate sexual transcendence over percussive, bass-driven, infectious pop hooks.

Each song on the EP is distinct from the next, and perfectly demonstrates Odessa’s versatility and genre-hopping capabilities. In short, Physical Genius is the ideal showcase for one of pop’s most eccentric and enigmatic personalities making music today.




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