For AirPod’s 60th episode, we are glad to provide you all with Paulo’s catalog mix, initially included in the Airdrop Cinq compilation.

Released earlier this year, Cinq (belatedly) celebrated Airdrop Records’ 5th anniversary with a double vinyl featuring artists from every chapter of the Airdrop story to date.

Slowly approaching its actual 7th anniversary in 2015, the Airdrop machine remains as prolific as on its first day, with new records due on Aux-Rec, Greener and Groovear in the weeks and months to come. Stay tuned!


Artist: Kent Odessa
Title: Physical Genius EP
Label: Airdrop Records
Format: Ltd. 7″ / Digital
Release Date: 16.09.14
Cat. No: ADX01
1. Swayze
2. Slow Down, Tina
3. Slow Love
4. Can I Be Your Boyfriend?
5. Physical Genius

Airdrop is proud to release Kent Odessa‘s latest work, “Physical Genius,” produced and mixed in New York City with electronic artist/re-mixer Robert Lux, and marks Odessa’s first recorded effort outside of his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. It features appearances from electro-soul singers Tecla Esposito and Pegasus Warning, as well as live drums and samples from Kool A.D. collaborator, Kassa Overall.

Physical Genius marks a departure from Odessa’s debut, self-released album Silverdome, opting for a much more crisp and candid style of production, while still continuing his exploration of modern electronica, funk, and R & B. Odessa’s humorous yet haunting lyrical sensibility has never been more on display, painting a surreal landscape of failed ambitions, jilted ex-lovers, and ultimate sexual transcendence over percussive, bass-driven, infectious pop hooks.

Each song on the EP is distinct from the next, and perfectly demonstrates Odessa’s versatility and genre-hopping capabilities. In short, Physical Genius is the ideal showcase for one of pop’s most eccentric and enigmatic personalities making music today.






AIRPOD 59 | Nail by Airdrop Records


Our collaboration with Nail started slightly over a year ago, with the «BPMs Vol.1 EP».

In the last months, Nail went on to sign a series of 12″s on labels like Robsoul, or Shabby Doll. He also saw one of his works be included on a Mosaic split EP, while remixing for labels like One Records or Bass Culture, with each one of his new production excelling its predecessor.

We are glad to present his first appearance on the AirPod podcast series. This set was recorded during his latest appearance in Berlin, at the infamous Globus, on March 8th.


Artists: Various
Title: Airdrop Cinq
Label: Airdrop Records
Format: 2×12″+ CD + Sticker
packed in a handstamped sleeve
Release Date: 10.03.14
Cat. No: AD025

A1. Psynote – P_FunkyNote
A2. Soul Clap – Cuttin-n-Scratchin
B1. Andres Zacco – Dieffenbach Dreams
B2. Le Loup – Exposure
C1. Ark – Final Disorder (feat. Arno Joey)
C2. Leonel Castillo – Soul
D1. Alejandro Mosso – Tiroalaire
D2. Nail – Whisper Deep Dub

Airdrop (belatedly) celebrates its fifth anniversary with a bang!

Cinq – meaning ‘five’ in the native tongue of its French founders – features artists from every chapter of the Airdrop story to date alongside some new additions and special guests.

Airdrop’s first record was released in March 2008. The Giraffe EP (AD001) launched Soul Clap into the uppermost strata of house music as well as initiating a longstanding relationship between the label and the producers of Argentina through the input of Franco Cinelli.

Twenty-five records later, following countless label showcases around the world and the establishment of various sub-labels – Aux-Rec for all things re-issued and bootlegged, Greener curated by Andres Zacco and Groovear dedicated to the work of Leonel Castillo – it’s high time to take stock of the journey so far and plan for the future to come.

Cinq sits comfortably between these two outlooks. The exclusive and previously unreleased music cut on the two vinyls map out Airdrop’s future while Paulo’s mixed selection on the included CD offers a comprehensive recap of the label group’s catalogue highlights.

Two vinyls, a mixed CD, a special sticker packed in a beautiful hand-stamped sleeve,
equals Cinq.

Greener 006 - Voltage Control copy

Artist: Psynote
Title: Voltage Control
Label: Greener Records
Format: 12″ only
Cat. No: GREENER006
Release Date: 23.01.14

A1. 808 Nightmare
A2. Psynote Theme
B1. Analog Dreams
B2. Analog Dreams (Amb Version)

Back to back with Andres Zacco’s latest release, comes the ‘Voltage Control’ EP – the debut of Franco Cinelli’s new project: Psynote. Adopting a decidedly more electronic slant than for his eponymous productions, Cinelli presents here a selection of pieces that instantly seems to be coming from his most intimate sessions.


Artist: Andres Zacco
Title: The Box EP
Label: Greener Records
Format: 12″ only
Cat. No: GREENER005
Release Date: 25.11.13

A1. Box
A2. Fragments
B1. Osc
B2. Instant

Following Spanish producer J.C’s debut 12”, label head Andres Zacco is back on his own Greener imprint, with a new format for this fifth release. Breaking from the usual two-tracker we got used to receive through Greener, here are four original numbers from the Argentine talent – a bare minimum to represent Zacco’s versatility.